Aquion Energy Salt Water Battery 48V 25kWHr M-Line Battery Module

Aquion Energy Salt Water Battery 48V 25kWHr M-Line Battery Module
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Aquion Energy bring a whole new type of battery to the market offering a safe, clean, non-hazardous, no hassle, recyclable solution.

Based on Aquion’s proprietary Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI™) technology, their products are clean salt water batteries that outperform and outlast traditional battery chemistries.

AHI batteries contains no heavy metals or toxic chemicals, they are also non-flammable and non-explosive making them the safest batteries in the world.

The batteries are designed for stationary long-duration daily cycling applications including residential solar, off-grid, micro-grids, energy management and grid-scale services.

The batteries can be easily connected in series or parallel, Aquion's AHI technology has inherit self balancing characteristics so a large number of parallel connections is not an issue with these batteries.

High Performance and reliability

  • Very high cycle life
  • 100% usable storage DOD
  • Extremely abuse tolerant
  • Ability to stand at partial state of charge
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Minimal degradation

Safe chemistry

  • Not flammable, explosive, or corrosive
  • No dangerous or toxic components
  • Sustainable

Environmentally benign materials

  • No corrosive acids or noxious fumes
  • Suitable for deployment globally
  • Excellent Economics

Low acquisition costs (£/kWh)

  • Better value than lead acid or lithium ion
  • No regular maintenance
  • No thermal management
  • No active management required

Aquion Energy M-Line Battery Modules

Aquion's M-Line energy storage modules are palletised for convenience. They can serve as stand-alone systems or as building blocks for larger systems.

M-Line Battery Modules are ~25 kWh systems composed of twelve Aquion S-Line Battery Stacks in a parallel. The M-Line modules can then be connected together in series or parallel to meet a wide range of system requirements.

Modules can optionally come equipped with a voltage, current and temperature sensing control board. Modules with the sensing board option can be connected to an Aquion Energy Battery Monitoring System to provide overall system telemetry.

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