Pile Driven posts Ground mount 10 panels, Sigma I (1x10) Portrait

Pile Driven posts Ground mount 10 panels, Sigma I (1x10) Portrait
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Sigma I open terrain mounting support - 1 row of 10 modules in portrait.

Build up larger systems by combining multiple numbers of 1 x 10 blocks.

    Single-row ramming post system
    Without soil sealing
    For all module types
    Intelligent design allows for installation
    Uneven terrain no need for earthwork
    Rammed posts and high level of pre-assembly
    Saves time and money

Extensive flexibility

The Sigma I was designed as a ground mount system for the use of unframed and framed modules.

Outstanding adjust-ability

The outstanding adjust-ability of the Sigma I system is provided by the combination of base rails and X-Stones. These technologies make it possible for the Sigma I system to follow terrain height variations along the span of the system, thereby eliminating the need for cost-intensive earthworks.

Significant savings

Sigma I stands out due to its very high degree of pre-assembly, its simple, functional design and the minimal number of tools needed for installation. Especially in big projects, this generates considerable savings in installation costs.

Maximum service life

Two of the essential characteristics of the Sigma I are long service life and very minimal maintenance requirements. The all-aluminium and stainless steel support design guarantees corrosion resistance and maximum durability. Galvanic corrosion between aluminium and the galvanised steel ramming posts is prevented by anodic coating.

Ecologically Sound

Due to the ground clearance of the modules and the lack of concrete foundations, Sigma I avoids both the sealing and the desolation of the ground. In addition, the system is completely recyclable and enables easy re-naturalisation of the terrain.

Please note that all Sigma Kits are suitable only for the following conditions:

    Snow Region 4
    Wind 25,00 m/s
    100m above sea level
    Max module size - 1640 x 1000 x 30-40mm
    30° angle of modules

See the Mounting Systems website for the latest datasheets.

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