Outback Solar Equipment

Outback manufacture the best equipment on the market and it is what we use to run The Bimble Inn.  The inverters are very solid and reliable and using the Mate Controllers you can monitor and program them as you need.  The inverters are a very worthwhile investement and far superior to the cheaper options.  We are an approved outback distributor and we are a certified repair centre allowing us to offer in house warranty repairs on units purchased from us.

You can use the outback inverters as an off grid/grid hybrid system allowing you to use the power from your batteries primarily and switching to the grid when your batteries are low, thus minimising your use of the grid and ensuring you get the best use of your renewable power set-up as well as never runnning out of power.

We can supply the full range of outback equipment so if the item you want isn't listed please email us as we will be able to provide it for you.

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Outback Mate 3 Remote Monitor & Controller
The new MATE3 System Display and Controller makes it easy to program and monitor a complete OutBack ..

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(From: £310.00)
Outback Mate Remote Monitor & Controller
Outback Power Systems Mate System Management Remote Monitor & Control MATE As a complete man..

Availability: In stock
(From: £175.00)
Outback Mate3 Surface Mount Bracket
Surface Mounting Bracket for Mate 3 Controller. ..

Availability: In Stock
(From: £29.00)
Outback RTS Remote Temp Sensor
The OutBack Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) is essential for proper battery charging. All OutBack Po..

Availability: In stock
(From: £15.00)
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