Solar Frontier BLACK 165W CIS solar panel - higher performance in low light - SF165

Solar Frontier BLACK 165W CIS solar panel - higher performance in low light - SF165
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These CIS thin film panels out perform Crystaline panels in lower light levels.  We have done side by side tests in winter and found that with winter sun these panels will give a decent about of additional power over crystaline panels.  In cloudy conditions they both perform the same, with very low output, but then the low powered winter sun does shine the CIS panels out perform the crystaline panels with upto double the power from the same sized array.  Over a yearly yeild we would estimate that you may gain around 10% more power generated over the year.  You will require more surface area for these panels, but work out a similar price per watt.

These are framed panels that you can use in off grid or on grid solutions.  In off grid you can only use an MPPT with these panels and the panels must all be run in parallel.

Solar Frontier’s new SF165 module offers the highest conversion efficiency of any mass-produced thin-film module - up to 13.8%.

The modules feature the lightsoaking effect unique to Solar Frontier’s CIS technology, which provides higher output than initially specified. All modules are RoHS compliant and cadmium and lead-free.

All modules also have MCS (Microgeneration Scheme) approval required to register for the Feed-In Tariff.

Fewer production steps and raw materials also mean an industry-leading energy payback time of less than one year.

Solar Frontier Thin Film modules are shipped in cardboard-free packaging and use recyclable corner pieces.

Product Features

  • Highest efficiency mass-production thin-film module, up to 12.6%
  • World record 17.2% achieved in laboratory (30 cm x 30 cm module)
  • Up to 10% extra kWh/kWp vs crystalline modules
  • Light soaking effect boosts output after installation
  • Over 100 MW delivered since 2007
  • Based on proprietary R&D since 1978
  • Cadmium and lead free
  • Energy payback time under one year

Module Specs

Nominal Power Pmax 165W
Power tolerance +5W/0W
Open circuit voltage VOC 110.0V
short circuit current 2.20A
Voltage at nominal power Vmpp 85.5V
Current at nominal power Impp 1.93A

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£15 surcharge for Scotland (please allow 2-3 weeks for Scotland).
This is a safer more reliable and cheaper way for you to receive panels and saves on the huge amounts of wasted packing materials.

Pallet Shipping 25 panels per pallet: (oversized pallets)
£150 UK Mainland
£350 Rest of Europe

Or you can collect for FREE from near Brighton

Solar Panel
Watts 165
Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp(V) 85.5
Maximum Power Current - Impp(A) 1.93
Open Circuit Voltage - Voc(V) 110
Short Circuit Current - Isc (A) 2.20
Height (mm) 1257
Width (mm) 977
Thickness (mm) 35
Weight (KG) 20
Cell Type CIS Film

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