24V 250Amp 6Kw BMS for Lithium Titanium LTO Battery - CAN Bus, Bluetooth

24V 250Amp 6Kw BMS for Lithium Titanium LTO Battery - CAN Bus, Bluetooth
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24V 250Amp 6Kw LTO BMS Battery Management System 

BMS for continuous current of upto 250A charge or discharge

Separate LTO BMS unit to connect to 30Ah LTO modules.  Connect 2 modules in series and upto 10 modules in parallel (max 20 modules) to this BMS.

  • Includes CAN Bus and Bluetooth communications to link to your inverter or smartphone
  • Future Proof – as new communications technologies evolve you can simply replace the BMS to have the latest tech for your battery.
  • Reduces cost with 1 single BMS rather than a BMS per unit
  • If electronics fail the BMS can easily and cheaply be replaced whist keeping the same battery bank.
  • BMS has 5 Year Warranty
  • Battery Management System looks after your battery.

BMS functions:

  • Overcharge 
  • over discharge 
  • Over current  
  • Short detection 
  • Temperature 
  • Balance 
  • Communicate 
  • Alarm 
  • Total capacity 
  • Storage history 

Charger settings:

Compatible with all MPPTs and Inverters including Outback, Victron and EPEver

  • If Lithium option select Lithium and set charge voltage to 32.4V
  • Other chargers set Charge/Float/Boost/Absorb: 32.4V
  • Equalise: Ideally Disabled or if unable to disable then set to 0V or 32.4V

For fully off grid systems which do not have lithium support in their software then it may be necessary to add a small extra MPPT with 1 small solar panel to enable the BMS to wake up if it has shut down from low voltage.  The 10A Victron MPPT with a small panel will be sufficient for this.