12V Crown Battery 115Ah Flooded Deep Cycle COLLECTION ONLY

12V Crown Battery 115Ah Flooded Deep Cycle COLLECTION ONLY
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27DC115-115Ah -12V

Wet lead acid battery - generally not suitable for mobile applications. Should not be located in living areas.

Since 1926 Crown Battery has responded to the 'power' challenges and individual needs of industry leaders with the best available products and services in the field of heavy-duty commercial deep cycle batteries.

A company wide dedication to quality control and continual improvement has earned Crown Battery the highest quality and service rating in the industry.  "We put more into our deep cycle batteries so you can get more out of them...

More performance, more productivity with less maintenance. Nobody builds them like Crown, because no one else invests in the heaviest, thickest plates in the industry.  Our plates are over 10% thicker than our competitors.

Combine that with our proprietary PROeye and our low maintenance container - features that make battery maintenance predictable and efficient - and you've got a battery that's going to last longer and perform like no other."

  • More productivity with less maintenance.
  • Thicker and heavier plates, combined with heavy strap and intercell connections is the 'Crown' signature.
  • Manufactured to exact standards to deliver the longest run time and battery life.
  • More performance.

Crown out-performs the competition in head to head tests over and over again.

"It must be a matter of perspective. But we aren’t prone to exaggeration, the way some of our competitors are.

If you claim to have batteries that out-perform all others, an independent laboratory should confirm the findings.  That’s the way we do it at Crown.  Since 1926, that’s all we’ve done.  And to us, it really isn’t a matter of claiming to be first in the industrial marketplace; but being the best. Some manufacturers are comfortable making exaggerated claims.

We’re comfortable making battery history… one customer at a time."

The Industry Heavyweight

"The heaviest, thickest plates in the industry.  Thicker plates, heavier lead connections, and the most active lead material per ampere hour of rated capacity.  And heavy means more lead, more active material.  Which means more power.  Longer life.  Who would you put your money on?  A lightweight battery? Or the heavyweight of the world.  Crown."


Type: Wet lead acid

Nominal Capacity 115 Ah (20hr rate),
95 Ah (5hr rate)
Nominal Voltage 12 volt
Reserve Capacity Minutes / Amps 180 MINS @ 25 Amps
Length 321mm
Width 171mm
Total Height 235mm
Weight 26.3kg
Product Foot Note DIJKL (see product footnote key)
Charging Please download the product data sheet for more information.

Batteries should be stored in a dry and cool area in an upright position.  Store batteries on a solid surface that can safely accomodate their weight.  Batteries can be safely stocked two or three layers high by using a secure stacking surface placed between each layer.  When stacking batteries in layers, take care to secure battery terminals against short-circuit and to block and brace batteries that prevents any movement of the battery group.  Please note that batteries need periodic stock rotation and service charging to ensure peak performance.

Terminals: Crown batteries have a post or bolt with nut terminal option for each positive and negative.  Positives are M10 and negatives are M8.  Choose to use cable end lugs in these sizes on the bolt terminals.



Product Foot Note Key

A = Automotive / SAE Top Terminal
D = Standard Terminal (Dualo Automotive / Stainless Threaded Terminal)
F = Commercial Threaded Stud Terminal
G = Refer to Terminal Requirement Whn ordering Type A
I = Cover with Raised Vent
J = Battery Fitted with Handle or Lifting Lug
K = PRO eye Fluid Indicator (Option for Gr 24/27/31)
L =

Antimony Alloy Construction: Low Maintenance Service

Download Datasheet

Voltage 12
Ah (C20) 115
Length (mm) 321
Width (mm) 171
Total Height (mm) 238
Terminal Type POST AND M10+ / M8-
Weight (KG) 27
Cycles 1200 @ 50% DOD
Chemistry Lead Acid
Manufacturer Warranty
Standard Warranty: 1 Year
Warranty Exceptions: Defect only