LTO Long Life Lithium Titanium House Batteries 48V

30,000 Cycles - 10 Year Warranty

  • • Latest Battery Nano-Technology.
  • • Maintenance Free.
  • Low Temperature Performance -50°C to +60°C.
  • • Super High Rate Discharge 10C Fast Charge 4-5C.
  • Long Cycle life 30,000 100% DOD cycles.
  • • Still 80% of initial capacity after 30,000 cycles!
  • High round trip efficiency (RTE): >95%.
  • Extremely Safe - resistant to mechanical abuse without risk of fire or explosion, low risk energy storage in any application. See video here
  • Cobalt Free - No cobalt is used in these batteries.

Although these batteries cost more than other technologies to purchase in the beginning, their lifetime makes them the cheapest battery per cycle; and its a battery that should last you a lifetime.  With our finance options you can spread the cost for up to 5 years and have a battery for life!

12V, 24V & 48V models coming in Summer 2023.

We have spent years designing and testing our range of LTO batteries.  We have designed a range with built in hardware BMS which can be paralleled to an unlimited amount of modules.  These will work with all MPPTs and inverters and simply require the correct charge voltage settings to be set on your equipment, they will work with Outback, Victron and EPEver (plus all other off grid equipment). 

Modules can be paralleled to increase capacity and current.  For example 3 x 24V units can be paralleled for 450A charge and discharge current and 6Khrs of storage, or 10 x 48V units can be paralleled to give 20Kwhrs of storage and 1500A current capacity.

24V & 48V models approx size and weight: 6U 19" rack mount 393mm deep - 45kg

LTO has many added advantages as it is maintainance free, amazing round trip effeciency, higher current ability, long warranty and can be expanded to suit your storage requirements..... and with 30,000 cycles thats 82 years of daily cycles (and then it still has 80% of its original capacity after that, so a 2Kwhr module would still have 1.6Kwhrs of storage after 30,000 cycles!!)

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£1,832.50 +vat