Large Scale Batteries

We have options for large scale battery storage using Zinc Hybrid Cathode from around £200-£225/Kwhr.  The smallest unit is 250Kwhrs designed to be discharged over 4 hours.  These are new batteries designed for large scale and utility storage, for projects of over 250Kw.  These batteries can be discharged to 100% daily over 4 hours and have a 5,000 cycle, 15 year life.  They are modular continerised batteries.

We can also provide Flow Batteries at around £500-£1,000/Kwhr for systems of 75Kwhrs upwards.  These are designed for systems of over 15Kw.  Flow batteries are a long term battery with over 20 years life.

If either of these fit your requirements for large scale storage and fit with your budget please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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