HV Lithium (100V-400V)

We can provide the full range of HV 100V - 400V Lithium batteries with CAM bus, please contact us with your requirement if its not listed here.

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List Price:
£444.44 +vat
SolaX Gen2 Triple Power HV 6.3kWh Battery Module - High Voltage
Availability: Limited stocks due April 2022 contact us
List Price:
£2,264.10 +vat
LG Chem Lithium Ion Battery 400V 7 kWh
Availability: Delivery Only - Usually 3-7 Days
List Price:
£4,085.47 +vat
B-BOX-H9.0 High Voltage 400V Lithium Battery 8.96kWh
Availability: Delivery Only - Usually 1 - 3 days
List Price:
£4,747.86 +vat