48V 300ah Lithium Titanium Battery Rack 30,000 Cycles - LTO - 10 year warranty - 14.5Kwhr - Battery for Life

48V 300ah Lithium Titanium Battery Rack 30,000 Cycles - LTO - 10 year warranty - 14.5Kwhr - Battery for Life
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48V 300Ah Lithium Titanium Battery Rack with touch screen

We have created a battery that is designed to last a lifetime!  Not only have we used the longest lasting battery nano-technology with 30,000 cycles we’ve also kept all the electronics in a separate unit so they can be easily replaced or upgraded in the future.

  • Modular LTO - 30,000 Cycles  (100% DOD).
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • Life Long Battery.
  • Low Temperature Usage (-40 °C to 50 °C).
  • High round trip efficiency (RTE): >95%.
  • Extremely Safe - resistant to mechanical abuse without risk of fire or explosion, low risk energy storage in any application.
  • Cobalt Free - No cobalt is used in these batteries.
  • High-tech nanotechnology.

Extremely long Service Life

The LTO batteries have super long cycle life of 30,000 times, 100% DOD, (After 30,000 cycles, battery still holds 80% of it original capacity!)

Rapid Battery Charging and Discharging

LTO is the fastest charge/discharge lithium battery at 10C continuously, which can be fully charged / discharged in 6 minutes, to support critical loads such as air conditioning, water pumps, EV charging, etc. in residential, commercial, industrial ESS applications.

Super Low / High Temperature Performance at -50℃ ~60℃

Due to these low temperature discharge characteristics, it is able to obtain up to 80% of its full capacity when at -30°C.

Off Grid or On Grid Energy Storage

Bridging the gap between battery energy storage and grid power.

10 Year Super Long Warranty

Amazing 10 year super long warranty period for Bimble Lithium Titanium batteries.



Rated Capacity  300Ah - 14,490Whrs - 14.5Kwhrs Standard discharge after Standard charge(package) 
Factory Voltage  48.3V  Mean Operation Voltage 
Voltage at end of Discharge  31.5V  Discharge Cut-off Voltage 

Charging Voltage

Charge Current

Max Charge/Discharge




Internal Impedance ≤50mΩ  Internal resistance measured at AC 1KHZ after 50% charge.  The measure uses the new batteries that within one week after shipment and cycles less than 5 times 
Operation Temperature Range  Charge:-40~55°C  60±25%R.H.
Discharge: -40~55°C  Bare Cell 
Storage Temperature Range  Less than 12 months : -10~35°C  60±25%R.H.
Less than 3 months: -40~55°C   At the shipment state 
Less than 7 day : -50~60°C   
Size  600 x 600 x 1600 mm  Rack Size 
Weight  380kg  Complete Weight 

1. Extremely Long Lifetime

The advanced nanotechnology consisting of lithium-titanate nanocrystals and their increased surface area are especially designed to enhance the lifetime of these batteries.  With over 30 times larger surface area, this technology is able to recharge substantially faster than its more traditional alternative, the Li-Ion battery.  The cycle count of a Lithium Titanium battery is 30,000 in comparison to usually only 2000 in a regular lithium battery, marking a revolutionary approach to energy storage.

LTO cycle life at high rate charge and discharge

For the consumer, this means that less electricity and power is needed in order to sustain the battery power.  These batteries can be safely charged in as little as ten minutes in contrast to the 8 hours required for other rechargeable batteries.

On top of that, the recharge efficiency exceeds an entire 98%, a record breaking advancement in the field of renewable energy.  Furthermore, the charging cycles are much shorter in comparison with other energy sources.

2. Rapid Battery Charging and Discharging

Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) batteries (LTO) are an advanced modified lithium battery that employs nano-technology in the form of lithium titanate nanocrystals instead of normal carbon material on its surface.  The advantage of this technical principle is that the anode has a surface area of about 100 square meters per gram of material - which certainly stands out as a lot more when compared with the 3 square meters per gram for normal carbon material.

LTO cell regular discharge rates

This allows the electrons to enter and exit the anode faster, thus making it possible to charge and discharge the battery very rapidly.

3. Enhanced Safety

In addition to the enhanced efficiency and energy conserving qualities of Lithium Titanate Oxide (lithium titanium oxide) batteries, this technology is known for its high level of safety when used in comparison to alternative options.  Due to the lower operating voltage of this technology, there are significant safety advantages for the consumer and the environment.  As Lithium Titanate batteries are entirely free of carbon, they avoid thermal runaway or overheating which is a main cause of fires in traditional lithium energy storage systems.

LTO cells are resistant to mechanical abuse

Without the risk of fires or explosions, Lithium Titanate technology allows for safe, user friendly and low risk energy storage in any application. See video here

4. Low Temperature Performance

Another advantage of using Lithium Titanate batteries is that due to the nanotechnology employed, these batteries have a much better low temperature performance in comparison to other battery technologies.

Due to these low temperature discharge characteristics, they are able to obtain up to 80% of their full capacity at a mere -30°C.

LTO cells support low temperature discharge

This is of particular benefit to those companies employing Lithium Titanate technologies at lower temperatures or in regions with cold winters.


Manual and Datasheet to follow soon....

Voltage 48
Ah (C20) 300
Length (mm) 600
Width (mm) 600
Total Height (mm) 1600
Weight (KG) 340
Cycles 30000 @ 100% DOD
Watt Hours 14490
Chemistry LTO 30,000 cycles