Nickel Iron NiFe Battery 50ah 1.2V cell

Nickel Iron NiFe Battery 50ah 1.2V cell
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The Edison Nickel Iron Cell - NiFe - Environmentally Friendly & Reliable, Outlasts Lead Acid by Decades!

Lasting Energy Storage - Can last up to 40 years

Invented over 100 years ago by Thomas Edison as a non-polluting and non-consumable alternative to Lead Acid Batteries using no heavy metals!  Now manufactured once again worldwide after lead acid battery companies closed Edison's Plant in 1972.

We have sourced NiFe at a competative rate at a little over double our cheap lead acid range and similar to our Rolls battery prices.  This makes them a very viable option for long term off grid solutions.

You need 10 cells to make up a 12V bank, 20 cells for a 24V bank and 40 cells for a 48V bank.

They have a low operation cost, low self-discharge, long cycling life and are environmentally friendly. They can withstand deep discharge, wide temperature variations, mechanical & electrical abuses and still show excellent and reliable performance over a long period.  The operation life of solar NiFe batteries is 30-40 years.  The working temperature range can be -40°C to 60°C, which is also the longest life battery for the Photo Voltaic system.

For more information on the advantages of NiFe batteries please read our info here

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Optional Auto Watering System

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These have a long lead time as they are made to order and shipped over to us.  Please allow 2 months for delivery.  For a battery that will out live any other battery, if your deciding to go down this route its definitely worth the wait.  This is the reason we can keep the prices low.

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