EcoFlow RIVER MINI Portable Power Station - Battery capacity 210Wh, AC Output 300W with surge 600W

EcoFlow RIVER MINI Portable Power Station - Battery capacity 210Wh, AC Output 300W with surge 600W
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Hold power in your hand with the EcoFlow RIVER mini. With the ability to grab and go 210Wh capacity, and huge output for its size, you can rest assured your devices keep powered no matter where you are.

A plethora of ports From traditional wall sockets to USB-A and USB-C outlets you’ve got greater port options than power banks, with much more power.

Lightning-fast charging With EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology, you can charge from 0-80% in 60 minutes from a wall socket.

Charge numerous devices With numerous outlets you can power up to 9 devices* simultaneously.

Take it anywhere Designed with mobility in mind, it’s compact and lightweight making it easy to take wherever you go.




Fast Charging

Multiple Ports

Power Multiple Devices

Lightweight & Portable

Power the big stuff.

Packing a 300W (600W surge) output you can power laptops, tablets and even projectors with ease.

Fast, convenient charging.

Looking for a power source that charges faster than a powerbank? Go from 0-80% in 1 hour using a standard plug socket. If you’re on the road add juice using solar or by connecting it to your car.

All the ports you’ll need.

Designed to charge several devices at once. RIVER mini comes with an AC wall outlet, DC car outlet, 3 USB-A slots and a USB-C rapid-charging port so you can keep multiple devices charged, powered or both. If you’re getting the wireless model, you’ll have all of that and a wireless charging pad.

* USB-C fast-charge port and wireless charging pad are exclusive to the wireless version of RIVER mini.

Take hold of power.

RIVER mini is a portable, powerful power source that you can pick up and take on your outdoor adventures without breaking a sweat.

Built with safety at its core.

The sophisticated battery management system regulates current, temperature and voltage so you can rest assured your RIVER mini will work safely for years to come.

Multiple ways to charge.

Ground-breaking charging speeds.

Simply plug your RIVER mini into a standard wall socket and charge to full in just 1.5 hour.


Charge on the road.

Need to add juice whilst you travel? Link up your RIVER mini to your car and get a full charge in 3.5 hours.

Multiple ways to charge.

AC Charging

Charge from AC wall outlets in 1.5 hour.

RIVER mini Wireless: Inside the box

1. RIVER mini Wireless 2. AC Charging Cable 3. Car Charging Cable 4. Solar Charging Cable 5. Quick Start Guide and Warranty Card

RIVER mini: Inside the box

1. RIVER mini 2. AC Charging Cable 3. Quick Start Guide and Warranty Card


Watt Hours 210
Chemistry LifePO4