EcoFlow Infinity Cable - 2 Meter

EcoFlow Infinity Cable - 2 Meter
Brand: Ecoflow
Price: £90.83 +vat
£109 (No VAT, outside of UK)
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Smart Home Panel
Join to your DELTA Pro and Smart Home Panel with convenience using the Infinity Cable. Unlike other home battery systems, the Infinity Cable allows you to swiftly unplug and take power off-grid.

Go Smarter
The Infinity Cable allows you to gain more control of your DELTA Pro home battery backup system via the EcoFlow app once connected to the Smart Home Panel. Schedule energy use, recharging and more for smart energy management.

Charge DELTA Pro
Pair up your device with the Smart Home Panel and recharge your DELTA Pro with an input of 3400W directly from your home power source.

Rate Current 30A
Rated Voltage 300VAC
Length 6FT 2M

Manufacturer Warranty
Standard Warranty: Delta And River2, 5 years (subject to registration)
Warranty Exceptions: Range of accessories 2 years up to 10 years, read Warranty link
Warranty Docs: