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BirdBlocker offers a 99% certainty that birds will not go underneath your array. With a new reinforced plastic, it's a very quick, lightweight and easy solution to install. It also ensures: 

  • Optimal ventilation is maintained for the best efficiency
  • Minimizes the risk of damage to the solar panel back sheet caused by branches
  • Reduces risk of fire
  • Minimizes noise pollution by the birds
  • UV resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Reduces clogged gutters due to litter on the roof
  • Improves the appearance on the roof due to less bird droppings
  • Robust and durable with a 10-year product warranty on the material
  • No screws or drills, so the warranty on the panels is retained

Sold in boxes containing 30 x 1 m lengths and 250 clips. Available in black.