Weidmuller Professional MC4 Crimping tool - CTF PV WM4

Weidmuller Professional MC4 Crimping tool - CTF PV WM4
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Crimping tool for Weidmüller WM4 photovoltaic contacts, Multi-Contact MC4, Hirschmann SunCon and compatible plugs

Crimping range, max. 6 mm²
Crimping range, min. 2.5 mm²
Type of contact

F-plug / -sleeve

  • Ratchet for precise crimping
  • Release option in the event of incorrect operation
  • With locator for exact positioning of the contacts
  • For Weidmüller WM4 photovoltaic connectors and similar plugs
  • For Multi-Contact MC4 1.5 mm² to 6 mm² and similar plugs
  • For Hirschmann SunCon 4 mm² and similar plugs

After stripping the insulation, a suitable contact or wire end ferrule can be crimped onto the end of the cable. Crimping forms a secure connection between conductor and contact and has largely replaced soldering. Crimping denotes the creation of a homogeneous, permanent connection between conductor and connecting element. The connection can be made only with high-quality precision tools. The result is a secure and reliable connection both in mechanical and electrical terms. Weidmüller offers a wide range of mechanical crimping tools. Integral ratchets with release mechanisms guarantee optimum crimping. Crimped connections made with Weidmüller tools comply with international standards and regulations.


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