Victron GSM GX Interface 4G-E

Victron GSM GX Interface 4G-E
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Victron GSM GX Interface 4G-E

The Victron GSM GX is a cellular(moible phone network) modem; providing a mobile internet for the system and connection to the VRM Portal.

It requires a SIM card of the Mini-SIM format; and connects to the GX-device with a (supplied) 1m USB cable.

Antennas and accessories

GSM: A small indoor GSM antenna is included. An outdoor GSM antenna is available as an option:

  • GSM900100100 - Outdoor 2G and 3G GSM Antenna for GX GSM

GPS: The unit has a built-in GPS receiver. An antenna is not included; to use the GPS received; purchase the GPS Antenna.

  • GSM900200100 - Active GPS Antenna for GX GSM