Ground Screw Mounting System for 50Kw (contact us for smaller options)

Ground Screw Mounting System for 50Kw (contact us for smaller options)
List Price: £7,893.16 +vat
£9,235 (inc vat) with 2.5% off for bank, card or cash payment
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Ground Screw Mounting System

GS AL-Ground Mounting System is made of 100% aluminum to mount on concrete strip foundations or ground screws. It is featured with light weight, strong structure, and recyclable material. In GS AL-Ground Mounting System, with pre-assembled Beam, the size of the legs and the GS 8# Rail is manufactured in the factory avoid welding and cut on the spot, saving your time and cost. Our mission is to simplify your installation and ensure the structure safety.

Easy Installation
Parts have been high pre-assembly on factory to save your installation time

Safety and Reliability
Check and test the structure strictly to against the extreme weather condition

Flexibility and Adjustable
Smart design reduce the difficulty of the installation on the most condition

10 Years Warranty
10-years warranty for the material and structure

This listing is for a 50Kw ground mounting kit - please contact us for smaller systems

We will need to know specs of your panels when ordering to put the kit together to suit your panels.  (If using under 260W panels the price may increase as there are more mounts required)