Fogstar Drift PRO 12V 460Ah Heated LiFePO4 battery SALE PRICE

Fogstar Drift PRO 12V 460Ah Heated LiFePO4 battery SALE PRICE
Brand: Fogstar
Price: £1,082.50 +vat
£1,299 (including VAT)
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Fogstar Drift PRO 12V 460Ah Heated LiFePO4 battery SALE PRICE Fogstar Drift PRO 12V 460Ah Heated LiFePO4 battery SALE PRICE

Introducing the Drift Pro 12V 460Ah LiFePO4 Leisure Battery, designed by the multi-award winning team at Fogstar.


  • Grade A EVE LiFePO4 Cells
  • 5888Wh of pure power
  • 300A JBD BMS
  • Plug and play Victron integration
  • RS485 and CAN comms ports
  • 2A JK/Drift Pro Active Balancer
  • Metal case
  • Heating
  • Bluetooth
  • Connect up to 4 units in series or parallel
  • 10 Year Warranty.

Meet the Fogstar Drift Pro, your new secret weapon for all your power needs. It's not just a battery, it's a powerhouse equipped with a next-gen 300A JBD BMS, making it the largest, most progressive Leisure Battery BMS on the market.

Wait, there's more! These batteries also contain plug-and-play Victron integration, enabling you to seamlessly sync the Fogstar Drift Pro with systems such as the Cerbo GX, no fuss, no frills. Just imagine - uninterrupted, integrated power at your fingertips. 

But hold on, the features don't stop there. It comes with a free JK 2A Active Balancer input and an on/off switch for effortless control. Plus, for the tech aficionados, we've included RS485/CAN inputs, ensuring you can use all onboard gadgets succinctly. Isn't that just a tech-lover's dream come true? 

Did we mention the serviceable metal case? It's not just hardy and adventure-ready, it's also easy to maintain. And the pièce de résistance - an optional 4S or 4P configuration. This means you can customize your battery pack to perfectly suit your power needs. Talk about flexibility! 

So there you have it. The Fogstar Drift Pro is more than just a leisure battery - it's a revolution in portable power. Don't settle for the ordinary when your adventures deserve the extraordinary. The best in the business is the Fogstar Drift Pro.

All batteries come with access to the Fogstar Drift App, enabling you to access leisure battery data at all times. The Fogstar Drift app is free to download on both Android and iOS. 

The Fogstar Drift app is free to download on both Android and iOS.




  • Fogstar offers a 10 year warranty on all Fogstar Drift Leisure batteries.
  • Warranties only apply to the original owner and are non-transferrable.
  • Fogstar will verify your purchase prior to processing any warranty claims or returns.
  • If it is determined that the product is faulty, we will ship a new product to you immediately, you will only be asked to cover the cost of the shipping.
  • Our warranty does not cover items that have been damaged due to gross negligence, normal wear and tear, damage due to accident or collision, abuse or incorrect installation.


  • Do not disassemble your battery.
  • Do not short the battery.
  • Do not store your batteries in direct sunlight. 
  • Keep batteries away from flammable objects and materials.
  • Keep batteries away from static electric charges.
  • Keep out of reach from animals and children.
  • Do not immerse your battery in water.
  • Do not crush, incinerate or modify your battery.
  • Only use batteries within the manufacturers specifications.
  • Recycle your batteries correctly.
  • Always read the manufacturer instruction manual before using.


Fogstar products adhere to the strictest safety, health and environmental requirements. Click here to read all about the safety measures they take, and view the conformity certifications for the Drift products.

Voltage 12
Length (mm) 531
Width (mm) 205
Total Height (mm) 280
Weight (KG) 47.3
Cycles 4500 @ 80% DOD
Watt Hours 5888Wh total
Chemistry LFP
Charge rate (A) 230A
Discharge rate (A) 300A
Cable Connection
Type and size M10 Bolt and Post
Manufacturer Warranty
Standard Warranty: 10 years
Warranty Docs: