Solar Event Hire

We have built two mobile 8Kw solar rigs, which we hire for events and festivals. They can be hired individually and are provided on a trailer with a Land Rover.

Bimble Solar Rig at Earth Ship Brighton
Picture shows our bimble solar rig as a 4Kw setup for small event at Brighton Earth Ship.

Solar Rig Specs - Each Solar Rig has:

  • 8Kw Solar Charging ability
  • 6Kw constant 230V AC output
  • 50,000Wh+ of storage (2000Ah+ of batteries at 24V)
  • Usage log and monitoring

The units can run individually, or combined to a 16Kw system.  If required we can also configure them to run as 3 phase if necessary.

Hire costs for a 6Kw rig delivered with Landy is £1,000 for a 1-2 day weekend event, includes crew, set-up, delivery within 100 miles of Brighton

Please contact us if you would like to hire us to provide power for your event or venue.  Please include dates, location and details of your power needs.

Bimble Wall Of Solar at Bimble Bandada
Picture shows our Bimble Wall Of Solar at Bimble Bandada as a 16Kw setup.

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