PRICED TO CLEAR - Solar 30 - 30A PWM Charge Controller 12--24v

PRICED TO CLEAR - Solar 30 - 30A PWM Charge Controller 12--24v
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30A Solar Panel PWM Charge Controller Regulator 12V/24V
Compatible with 720W solar panel with dark activated function, Max current is 30A
Package Included:
1. 1X 30A PWM solar charge controller
2. 1X User's Manual
3. 1X Temp. Sensor

30A Solar Panel Charge Controller 12V/24V + LCD display SOLAR30

Compatible with MAX 720W Solar Panel 12V/24V Auto Switch; Timer Intigrated (Lighting function)

SOLAR30 Series controller has the following features:

1. Visual LCD graphic symbol.
2. Brief key operation.
3. Grade auto switch of system voltage.
4. Intelligent PWM Charging Mode.
5. Auto temperature compensation.
6. Adjustable charging & discharging parameter.
7. Settable working modes of loads.
8. Accumulative function of charging & discharging AH.
9. Remote Monitoring Function.
10. Protection for battery back discharging.
11. Protection for battery low voltage.
12. Overloading & short-circuit protection.
13. Battery reversed protection.
14. Delayed auto restart after overloading protection.

Solar30 Datasheet

Output Voltage: 12V/24V Automatically distinguish voltage
Max load Current:≤12A
Full Charge Cut:13.7V/27.4V
Low Voltage Cut:10.5V/21V
Temp ompensation:-4mv/℃/cell
Zero Load Loses:≤30mA
Voltage Drop:<170mv
Installable maximum cable: 7# AWG (16mm2)
Working temperature: -10℃~60℃
Storage temperature: -30℃~70℃
Temperature requirement: ≤90%,no condensation
Dimension: 90 mm×188 mm×48 mm
Distance of installation holes: 60 mm×178 mm --Φ5
Weight: 360g

Cable Connection
Type and size See Manual
Size mm2 See Manual