Studer Xtender XTM 1500-12 1.5kw Inverter--Charger 12V

Studer Xtender XTM 1500-12 1.5kw Inverter--Charger 12V
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Studer Xtender XTM 1500-12 1.5kw Inverter/Charger 12V

The Xtender series is the latest generation of inverter/chargers from Studer. It provides extended functionality and extraordinary operation comfort.

One of the new features is the Smart-Boost function (power shaving). Smart Boost enables to add inverter power to a connected AC power source, like e.g. a genset. This offers the possibility to use undersized gensets and to operate consumers with high peak loads at the same time. Smart boost also works with inductive and asymmetric loads.

Also new with the Xtender series is the possibility of coupling several units together to one power source. This feature allows you to set up a 3-phase power system or to reinforce single phases. In total up to 9 inverters of the Xtender series with a maximum of 72kW continuous power can be combined together.

Furthermore all Xtender inverters are equipped with two potential-free auxiliary contracts. They are fully programmable and can be triggered on various events inside or outside the inverter (e.g. availability of the external AC source, battery voltage, faults, ...). In combination with the built-in real-time clock the auxiliary contacts can also be triggered at a certain time (e.g. at night or at weekends). The most common application is to automatically start a genset, to switch off consumers with low priority, to indicate faults or to charge the battery depending on a certain situation.

The optionally available remote control RCC-02/03 allows the user to survey the Xtender system and fully customize it to his needs. Thanks to its graphic display the RCC-02/03 provides clear and comprehensive indications of the system state. Furthermore the unit memorizes all events that occur during installation and operation, thus helping to solve problems and optimize the Xtender system.


  • parallel and 3-phase operation by coupling up to 9 Xtender
  • high and steady efficiency even with small loads connected
  • outstanding overload capabilities thanks to the high-quality toroidal transformer
  • increase power of external AC sources with Smart-Boost
  • allocation of the available power (power sharing)
  • ultra-fast transfer relay (USV)
  • digital regulation and control by microprocessor (DSP)
  • programmable battery charger
  • programmable multi-purpose potential free changeover contacts
  • adjustable load detection in stand-by mode
  • real time clock for event record and auxiliary relay programming

Technical Data

Type XTM 1500-12
Nominal battery voltage 12V
AC continuous power (25°) 1500VA
AC surge power (5 sec.) 3400VA
Efficiency max. 93%
Consumption stand-by / on 1.4 / 8W
Charging current (max. 265V AC) 0-70A
Input frequency 45-65Hz
Auxiliary relay 2 independent, potential-free changeover contacts
Remote control RCC-02/03
Protection class IP23
Dimensions (lxwxh) in mm 466 x322 x133
Weight 15kg
Special features extension of inverter power and 3-phase operation by coupling several Xtender
Cable Connection
Type and size See Manual
Size mm2 See Manual