SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 battery storage addition for existing solar installation

SMA Sunny Boy Storage 2.5 battery storage addition for existing solar installation
Brand: SMA
List Price: £982.05 +vat
£1,149 (No VAT, outside of UK)
Pay Monthly Finance on orders from £700 - £30k
Availability: Usually 1-3 Days
ID: 961

The SMA Sunny Boy Storage helps make homes less dependent on electric utility companies and allows end-customers to use self-generated electricity at rates comparable to standard household electricity rates.

Flexibility due to AC coupling
New and retrofit PV systems
Flexible PV design
String and module inverters
Free choice from several batteries

Cost-effective and efficient
Low cost battery-inverter
Efficiency up to 97%
10 year guarantee

Quick and easy to install
One-person installation
W-Lan and simple web user interface
Direct integration into Sunny Portal / Sunny Places via Webconnect
Lightweight construction - only 9kg
Indoor and outdoor

Typical System components

There are a number of ways that a typical system can be configured depending on the requirements of the user and what type of inverter is installed at the property. Full details of this can be viewed on the SMA website by clicking the link at the bottom of the page but a combination of one or more of the following items will be needed :

  • SMA 1ph./3ph. Inverter with Webconnect*
  • SMA Energy Meter
  • CT clamps
  • Sunny Boy Storage (DC to AC converter)
  • 120 V – 500 VDC voltage battery
  • Sunny Home Manager

* SMA inverters without Webconnect can be used but a Sunny Home Manager will definitely be required. Third party inverters from other manufacturers can also be used but as well as a Sunny Home Manager a second SMA Energy Meter will be needed in addition.

sma layout

For more information about configuring the system, to download the datasheets or view the certificates, please visit the SMA website

Cable Connection
Type and size See Manual
Size mm2 See Manual