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Until the year 2020, Poweroad has manufactured over 26,255,000 pieces of Lithium base battery products with over 3,014,630,000 Wh of clean energy, this is a huge push to the energy transformation, and we are proud to be the pioneer to make the world a better place.

As a pioneer in the consumer market of batteries, Poweroad has been diving deep into the Lithium industry for over 15 years, focusing on the Lithium-Ion based merchandises and technological Battery Management System (BMS) developments. Our product line covers Lithium Motorcycle Starting Battery, Lithium Battery Pack, RV Power Source, Battery Cell Modification, and Battery Energy Storage System(BESS),our motorcycle starter battery has taken a big portion of the international market, which leads us to the industry-leading position.  

To greener the world together, Poweroad will persevere with the Lithium-based applications development, to provide the market with more reliable and high cost-effective solutions.

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