EV Solar Charging Kit - 3Kw On Grid with Zappi Solar EV Charger

EV Solar Charging Kit - 3Kw On Grid with Zappi Solar EV Charger
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Charge your Electric Vehicle from Solar.  This kit is designed for charging your car by day, it uses the Zappi Solar Charger which directs all of the solar generated to charge the EV and can be programmed to not import from the grid so the EV is only charged from solar.   This is a small kit with 3Kw of solar to charge up EVs with small usage.

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325W JA All Black Solar Panel - Half Cell Mono Percium - Latest Tech - MCS Approved
Electric Vehicle Charger 7kW Zappi V2 EV ECO Solar Charge Untethered For Type 1 and 2 - 32A
3kW Growatt Inverter 3000S - mini

1 x

3kW Growatt Inverter 3000S - mini

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Premade MC4 6mm Solar Cable 20 meter - (Cut in half to make two MC4 to bare wire cables when used in our kits) 20M length
K&N Single String DC Switch Disconnector 21A 800V - 20A 1000V

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