410W JA BiFacial Solar Panel up to 513W - Mono BiFacial - New A grade - up to 40% more power on cloudy days

410W JA BiFacial Solar Panel up to 513W - Mono BiFacial - New A grade - up to 40% more power on cloudy days
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JA BiFacial Solar Panel 410W, Dimensions: 2015 X 997 X 30mm

These panels have a glass back sheet so they absorb sun which bounces back from behind the panel.  Great for low light and cloudy conditions. These are ideally suited to boats with a white roof as you can see gains of upto 26% from the reflection of light back from the white surface making the panel 513W.  Any surface will work, but white gives you the best refraction of light back to the panel, or you can add aluminium solar reflective paint on the roof under the panel to get the best gain.

If using this panel with MPPT you should calculate this panel as 520W so that you do no overload the MPPT.  Tracer MPPT's have current limiting so it doesn't matter if you go over the rated amps, but Outback will be damaged by too much power.

Double Glass Black Framed Large Wafer Bifacial Solar Module 1500V Series - 72 Cell Bi-Facial   MONOCRYSTALINE FRAMED Bifacial PERC SOLAR MODULE    Key features:

  • Capable of absorbing light from both front and rear sides to produce extra energy with 3-15% more energy yield
  • Improved all weather performance due to superior low-irradiance performance and due to low temperature coefficient values.
  • Enhanced reliability and durability with double glass pane encapsulation
  • Highly tolerant to harsh environmental conditions and resistant to PID in accordance to IEC 62804
  • IEC 1500V DC compliant
  • Certified to withstand high wind loads (2400Pa) and heavy snow loads (5400Pa)
  • Positive power tolerance: 0+5W
  • Modules binned by current to improve system performance
Solar Panel
Watts 410
Maximum Power Voltage - Vmpp(V) 42.54
Maximum Power Current - Impp(A) 9.64
Open Circuit Voltage - Voc(V) 50.08
Short Circuit Current - Isc (A) 10.26
Panel Efficiency (%) 20.4
Height (mm) 2015
Width (mm) 997
Thickness (mm) 30
Weight (KG) 24.5
Cell Type Mono Perc Bifacial