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A note about the 'power' rating of a panel.

The Maximum electric or nominal power of your PV system can be defined as its 'Peak Power' (in Watt Peak). The Peak Power of solar panels is registered under the following Standard Test Conditions: a light intensity of 1.000 W/m² sunlight hitting the positioned solar cells perpendicularly.  In a laboratory at perfect ambient temperature with the sunlight at 90 degrees to the panel this is what you can expect to generate.

In reality you will only get close to that on clear sunny cool days in the summer but not on an average day in Scotland or anywhere else in the UK. Especially in the dark days of winter.

We use a rough guestimate in the UK of 80% peak summer midday, South facing.    Meaning a 400W panel would be estimated to produce a peak wattage of around 320W in UK summer.  This can drop by up to 90% in peak Winter, especially if poorly angled eg Flat.


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405W Recom Panther All Black Solar Panel. Delivery from £33 - Mono Crystalline Half-Cut - MCS Approved
Availability: *VERY LAST FEW* In Stock - Delivery only 2-5 days
Only 6 Left in stock
Price from:
£49.00 +vat
Sunman EArc 430W Flexible Mono Solar Panel
Availability: In stock - Delivery Only usually 1-2 days
Price from:
£370.83 +vat
435W Canadian Solar N-type TOPCon All Black Panels. Delivery from £33 - MCS Approved
Availability: In Stock - Delivery 2-5 days or collect from Lewes
Price from:
£59.00 +vat
Price from:
£607.50 +vat
Price from:
£3,206.18 +vat
Price from:
£1,699.00 +vat
Price from:
£2,673.36 +vat
Price from:
£2,188.96 +vat
16.38Kw Pallet of 36 x 455W Aiko Neostar 2S N-Type Gen 2 All Black Solar Panel
Availability: In Stock - Pallet Delivery Only - 2-5 days
Price from:
£2,910.60 +vat
Price from:
£4,500.13 +vat