Digital Currency

SolarCoin is a digital currency that is awarded for solar generation.  §1 SolarCoin is granted for 1Mwh of solar generation.  You can now spend your SolarCoins to purchase solar equipment from Bimble Solar.  Full details and how to register for SolarCoin are on If you sign up to receive SolarCoins please add our referral address ( 8GpFoHvfTqnKR1ht2SxirRjnB2Yn8Ai6uQ ) when you sign up.  Just enter 8GpFoHvfTqnKR1ht2SxirRjnB2Yn8Ai6uQ in the referal box.

If you want to purchase from us using Bitcoin or another digital currency please exchange your coins to SolarCoin on or and then place your order using SolarCoin.

SolarCoin has a much lower energy and environment impact than Bitcoin.

Price quotes are provided by a third parties. They should not be considered an indication of future SolarCoin value or an endorsement of the data provider or exchanges. The data is provided for informational purposes only.


Festive Closures - We will be closed for our staff Xmas knees up on Fri 9th Dec and also close on Fri 23rd Dec until we return on Tues 3rd Jan
Orders for Large Solar Panels will be delivered by Green2 during the holidays, all other equipment orders will be dispatched on our return - Happy Holidays!