Solar Generator Hire

30kva Solar Rig- 2.7ton Car Trailer
Silent, Green, No re-fueling, no emissions, better for the envoironment and you!
Cost comparible with hire of diesel generator plus cost of diesel but saves about 1.5 tonnes of CO2

30Kva 3 phase output
Upto 30Kw solar input 
150Kwhr Storage
Bimble Power Predict - clever software that uses the weather forcast to predict your solar generation for 7 days ahead and if you will have enough solar power and battery for your event
Distro and cables included (enough for basic use)
22Kw EV fast charger - mobile solar EV charging
Starlink Internet connection
Powerline - Wifi Mesh Internet delivered over the power cables
63A 3phase out to support larger site distro
Remote monitoring - phone app and alerts
Separate Power Use Monitoring - split output over 2 different outputs to monitor 6 phases separately
2Kw fold out solar built in
Only errect the solar you need, from 2.5Kw upto 30Kw to suit your usage - trailer comes with 2.5Kw of panels (pallets of 15kw can also be collected when needed)
Recharge before return from any public EV 22Kw charge point