Solar Thermal Pipe - 10 meters - insulated twin line

Solar Thermal Pipe - 10 meters - insulated twin line
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Solar Thermal Pipe

Pre-insulated corrugated stainless steel pipe.

  • The best way to connect any solar system is using corrugated pipe:-
  • It is stainless steel so no corrosion
  • It is corrugated so it is possible to make tight bends using only your hands. It will not crack or deform.
  • I comes with a twin layer of foam insulation protecting it from temperatures up to 170 degrees
  • It has a UV protective cover so that it is unaffected by the sun and is also protected from rain It can be cut with a simple clamp cutter.
  • The fittings are easily attached using either the compression tool or for DIY'ers it is easy to finish the ends using a copper fitting and a steel washer!.
  • The joints are then fastened with a soldering here!
  • It is simple to do a complete solar installation with a cheap pipe cutter, a steel washer and a couple of adjustable spanners.

The pipe comes in twin line 10 mtr coils which is enough for a standard installation.