12V TN-Power Battery 110Ah LiFePO4

12V TN-Power Battery 110Ah LiFePO4
Brand: TN-Power
Price: £354.17 +vat
£425 (including VAT)
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An easy 12V lithium solution.  These batteries have a clever BMS (Battery Management System) that allows 2 batteries to be run in parallel; and for up to 4 batteries to be run in series to make 24V and 48V banks.


  • Using the technology of lithium iron phosphate cells this battery has superior safety, lasts for thousands of cycles, and can be run to 100% DOD (Depth of Discharge) under normal conditions.
  • Has built in automatic protection for over charging, over discharging, high current and high temperature.
  • Free of maintenance.
  • Internal cell balancing.
  • Lighter weight: About 40% - 50% of the weight of a comparable lead acid battery.
  • Can be charged using most standard lead acid charges (set).
  • Opperates in wide temperature range: -20℃ to 60℃
  • Support for Series application expansion (up to 51.2V) and two in parallel.
  • 5 years Warranty


  • UPS
  • Solar & Wind Power System
  • Golf Cart
  • Electric Vehicle, E-bike, E-rickshaw etc.
  • Lighting
Length (mm) 355
Width (mm) 176
Height Inc Terminals (mm) 189
Weight 13.7
Voltage (V) 12.8
Ah 110
Layout LH+
Terminal M8
Battery Type Lithium

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Voltage 12
Ah (C20) 110
Length (mm) 355
Width (mm) 176
Total Height (mm) 189
Terminal Type 'A' POST (Standard Automotive Post terminal)
Weight (KG) 13.7
Cycles 2000 @ 100% DOD
Watt Hours 1320
Chemistry LiFePO4
Manufacturer Warranty
Standard Warranty: 5 years