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Affordable Solar Panels & Equipment


Welcome to our solar shop with solar panels, charge controllers, inverters, batteries, LED lighting, self consumption backup and accessories for all your off grid or on grid needs.

We source equipment at the best prices to keep your costs low. We have packages for Off-Grid and On Grid use. Choose from the categories on the left or below to find what you need, or use our Solar Calculator or Solar Design Tool to work out what you need. We offer an economic method for delivery, or you are welcome to come and collect.  If you are new to solar you can read our Beginners Guide To Solar to help you get started.

The price you see is the price you pay, (excluding delivery) If you find a better price talk to us as we can probably beat it!  As well as GB Pounds Sterling we now also accept payments in Euros, US Dollars & Bitcoins  (select currency at the top of the page)

Try our Online System to design & build your solar set-up

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