We have a range of solar panels, all at fantastic prices. 

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List Price:
£175.21 +vat
List Price:
£70.09 +vat
List Price:
£101.71 +vat
List Price:
£101.71 +vat
335W Canadian Solar Half Cell Panels - New A grade Panel - Super High Power Poly PERC HiKU
Availability: In Stock - Delivery 1-5 days - Delivery Only
Only 1 Left in stock
List Price:
£89.74 +vat
List Price:
£93.16 +vat
340W Panasonic Solar Panel - Mono HIT N Series Black frame - Delivery Only - Pre-Order Due Mid August
Availability: Pre-Order Due Early Sept - Delivery - Production Delay due to Covid-19
List Price:
£209.40 +vat
355W LG Solar Panel - Mono NeoN2 Black frame - New A grade - 60 cell
Availability: In Stock - Delivery Only - 1-5 Days
List Price:
£226.50 +vat
8.1Kw pallet of 30 x 270W JA Solar 270W 5BB Cypress - Polycrystalline - MCS approved - Cheapest New Pallet Option
Availability:  Pallet Delivery Only - Stocks changing daily please contact us to see what cheapest pallet option is available if needed in a hurry
List Price:
£2,324.79 +vat
8.87Kw Pallet of 25 x 355W LG Solar Panel - Mono NeoN2 Black frame - New A grade
Availability:  Pallet Delivery Only - Usually 2-3 Days
List Price:
£5,266.03 +vat
List Price:
£3,020.77 +vat