Pay Monthly - 0% Finance

0% Finance

Bimble Finance - Spread the cost of Solar

Rather than having to save up to expand your solar over time, now you can now start with a larger system and spread the cost monthly!

Interest Free Credit - 0% APR for 3-12 Months

Interest Free Credit for up to 12 months, borrowing from £450 to £15,000 on orders from £700 up to £33,000 for all UK customers.
Deposit payment of 30%-55% required and the balance as monthly payments for 3-12 months.

Longer Term Credit - up to 5 years - 4.9% - 14.9% APR

Interest bearing credit options are available for up to 5 years with as little as a 10% deposit and then monthly payments for the rest of the term. Borrow up to £15,000.

Better than a Subsidy!

With as low as a 10% deposit you can spread the cost monthly for up to 5 years using the saving from your electricity bill to help pay for your solar.  With the old government FIT subsidies you had to pay for everything in advance and then receive money back over time, where as with our finance options you can simply spread the costs of all of your equipment, even including all off grid equipment which didn't qualify for the FIT scheme before! 

Here is a little example:  If you use 4000Kwhrs per year that's about £60/ month of electricity.  If you purchased an on grid 4Kw system for approx £3k you could pay a deposit of £660 and then 5 years of payments at around £55 per month.
If you purchased the same with a battery storage system for approx £5k you could pay a deposit of £1,100 and about £92 per month for 5 years.
Then after the 5 years you've paid for your solar and have a much lower electricity bill forever!

Cash price  £5,000
Deposit amount  £1,100
Amount to finance £3,900
Monthly Payment £90.69
Period of time  5 years
Amount of interest  £1,541.20
Total amount repayable  £6,541.20
APR 14.95%

You can view the plans available for your order on the shopping cart page.

Simply select Pay Monthly as your payment option in the checkout, choose the plan you would like and then you will be taken to our simple online application which will usually give an instant decision.

Credit check takes place using transunion, you can check your credit report held with them via

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