Solar Fridge / Freezers

We now supply a Chest Freezer with fridge mode so you can get a cheap plug and play solar fridge with out any modification!  Or you can easily make your own cheap solar fridge with our easy guide here to convert a chest freezer with the thermostats listed on here.

Or we have the most energy efficient fridge/freezers on the planet which can run from minimal solar.   Generally Fridge Freezers are one of the large drains on your system, with these fridges you can stop wasting your solar power.  We have complete kits here including a solar panel and a battery so you have everything you need to use the fridge in a remote location.


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£491.45 +vat
Solar Fridge Kit 100L with Fridge Mode Freezer, Solar Panel, Battery, Inverter
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£963.25 +vat
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