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If you haven't already done so, we strongly recommend you make your application for approval for a grid-connected system to your local DNO as soon as possible. This process can take between 15-45 days to complete, and is required for all grid-tied energy storage systems as well as solar PV systems (with/without storage). Your contracted installer will usually make the application for you.

Once you have gained approval we can work with your chosen MCS accredited installer, or with you, if you are suitably qualified to design the system architecture with us, to arrive at a system specification that meets your requirements, as well as those of a safe and certified installation.
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Solar iBoost+ - UK's Favourite PV Immersion Controller
Availability: 2 - 5 Days - More Due 01 Aug
List Price:
£269.23 +vat
List Price:
£89.74 +vat
List Price:
£183.76 +vat
List Price:
£212.82 +vat