Solar Equipment VAT

The Spring Budget announcement of 2022 & 2024 does not affect your equipment purchases from us.

This includes standalone battery installations and retrofitted batteries referenced in February 2024 budget.

It is for installed items only, the installer can choose to pass this saving onto the consumer, if they wish.

Before the budget, if you were eligible, you pay a reduced rate of VAT (5%) when certain energy-saving products are installed in your home.
Your installer charges you the reduced rate on the installation including all equipment and any extra work that’s part of it.
This will now reduced to 0% from April 2022 for a 5 year period.

This does not affect equipment sales or purchases from us, all suppliers must charge 20% VAT as normal, this only affect installers and the VAT they charge.

If you are a residential customer and want to benifit from the 0% you will need to get your installer to purchase the equipment from us (at 20% VAT), install it on your residential property and charge you the 0% VAT (the installer would reclaim the VAT paid on their VAT return)

If you need help finding an installer please email us with details of your project and your location to

The full HRMC document on this can be read here: