If you are running off grid it is often cheaper to have a back up generator in order to cover the periods when there isn't enough sun, rather than design your system to give you all year coverage.  We have a selection of back up diesel generators to cover these times.

The larger generators can be auto started from your solar system when your batteries are low.

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£337.61 +vat
List Price:
£465.81 +vat
Honda EU22i 2.2kw Silent Petrol Generator
Availability: Usually 1-3 Days
List Price:
£1,256.41 +vat
Honda EU20i / EU22i Bottle Mount LPG Dual Fuel Conversion Bundle
Availability: In stock - Delivery only - 2-5 days
List Price:
£141.03 +vat
List Price:
£1,192.31 +vat
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£3,158.12 +vat
List Price:
£4,696.58 +vat