What will I need for an off grid system?

Solar Panels -> Charge Controller -> Batteries -> Inverter (if you want AC power)

Have a read of our Beginners Guide to Solar and Try our Online system to design and build your solar system.  We also have complete kits here


How much solar do I need?

Try using our solar calculator here to work out what you need.


Do you do installation & mounting frames?

No, we only do the products that are listed on our website.  We do have a mounting kit for vans & boats or most people make their own.  If you need an installer or a comercial mounting system you are best to get these by searching on google.


What type of charge controller is better?

MPPTs are a much better type of charge controller, they give you around 30% more power and are a more solid robust charger.  The PWM are a cheaper option if you are on a budget.


How should I connect panels to my MPPT controller?

View our Installation Diagrams - You can put up to 150V on the PV side of most MPPT controllers.  The higher the voltage you can get the better, as you will get less volt drop and power loss. 


How should I connect panels to my PWM controller?

View our Installation Diagrams - The panels should always be in parallel with a PWM controller.


Can I pay cash on collection?

Yes.  Please book your order on the website and select pick up from store and pay cash on collection.


How much is delivery?

The website calculates the delivery for you.  This can be checked in the shopping cart. 

Our Solar panels are £30 for the panel and £3 per additional panel.  Charge controllers are based on weight and batteries are per listing.


Delivery Times

Solar panel delivery is usually the week after you order.  Other equipment is usually around 1 week depending on our stocks.  Some solar panels are pre-orders on stock that is on route, the listing makes this clear.


Can I contact the delivery company?

Yes, if it's about solar panel delivery then SilverSprint deliver our solar panels.  If you want to talk to them tell them you are awaiting some solar panels and give them your name and delivery postcode or your tracking number.  You can get them on Tel: 0844 209 4664 Email - info@silversprint.co.uk

Items other than solar panels come via other courier networks so please contact us if you have any queries over anything other than solar panels.


Why do you offer a bank transfer discount?

We get charged for accepting card payments, so to help keep things cheaper for you, we allow you to purchase goods without this charge and pass the saving on to you. 


How do I pay by bank transfer?

Simply checkout on the website and select bank transfer as your method of payment and it will give you our account details and order reference number for the payment.


How do I pay by Bit Coin?

Bit Coin is a digital currency, if you would like to pay by Bit Coin select Bit Coin as the currency from the top of the page and then check out and you will be given the bit coin transfer option for the payment.


I can’t get you on the phone?

We are often away from the phone so please email us your query and we will reply promptly.  Email is the best way to contact us.

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