It is your responsibility to check and ensure that all items purchased from Bimble Solar meet the requirements of your installation.

We are the distributor / reseller of Solar equipment and not the installer of your project.

If you are unsure of what to purchase, you must consult with a suitably competent Solar installer, ideally face to face.
NB: All cables and connections must be undertaken by a competent, qualified electrician.


ON GRID – National Grid regulations and submissions

All PV Grid tied Inverters, as well as storage and hybrid inverters, are considered as generators. To be connected to the grid they need to have an approved G98/99 certification as listed on the ENA Website. To check the G98/G99 compliance status of a product please check the ENA type test register at the following link:



G98 applies to Single Premises Projects with a capacity of 16A per phase or less. In most cases, the installation of small generating units into a single premises will have very little effect on the network, therefore the connection process is relatively simple, and can be summarised as “fit and inform” Your installer must notify the DNO within 28 days of commissioning the generating unit and provide them with information on the installation.

See link for the UK Energy Networks Distributed Generation Connection Guides:

G98 for Single Premises



G99 applies to Single Premises Projects with a capacity of more than 16 A per phase. You must discuss your plans with the DNO before starting work, including issues such as feasibility and potential charges. You should do this as soon as possible in your planning, as the DNO’s response may have a significant impact on how you plan your project. Once you have planned the project and exchanged information about your plans with the DNO, it is time to submit an application form. If your Power Generating Module is less than 50 kW three-phase or 17 kW single phase, then you can use a simplified application form (Annex A.1 of EREC G99). For larger schemes, you should use the standard application form, which is generally available on DNOs’ websites.

See link for the UK Energy Networks Distributed Generation Connection Guides:

G99 Type A:

UK Power Networks Installation/Application Link:

The DNO will make decision based on the state of the grid in your vicinity. If the DNO allows the application to proceed it may be with G100 compliant export limitation.


G99  - Small storage Fast track application

For Small Scale Storage less or equal 3.68kW per phase combined with other generation less than or equal 3.68kW per phase. In Conjunction with ENA, there has been a change in the standard design rules of G99. This covers installations that wish to combine a G98 generator with an Energy Storage Device.

To qualify under this scheme the following criteria must be met: The total installed generation capacity should not exceed 7.36KW (including battery storage), All generators should be G98 compliant, Export should be limited to 3.68KW per phase via a Type approved G100 device, The system should cease generation in the event of a power-cut (island mode).

See link for guidance:

Application link:


V2G – Vehicle to Grid charging

Vehicle to grid technology (V2G) enables energy stored in Electric Vehicles to be fed back into the electricity network (grid) to help supply energy at times of peak demand. We're involved in a number of V2G trials for both domestic, fleet and bus operators.

V2G chargers have the ability to export as well as import power therefore we need to undertake a number of technical assessments before a charger can be installed. 

Depending on the quantity or the size of the V2G chargers you want to install, please complete the application forms below which apply to you. To make it easier for installers, we have created a Smart Connect portal where they can submit applications or notifications for single domestic installations. Smart Connect will automatically assess applications and either issue approval or refer the job to the relevant teams for further assessment. To check if your installation is eligible to be raised on Smart Connect, please visit our Smart Connect page.

UK power networks link:


Guideline for Roof top installation and mounting, maintenance and operation

MCS handbook - last print MCS handbook

MCS Handbook Link

AC electrical safety first

DC Off grid Cabling & Connection best practice

Mobile off grid electrics rules and regulations

Campervan Electrics & Regulations.pdf