Where to begin…

The Basics

Renewable energy is generally produced for domestic use with solar panels and wind turbines.

Both produce power which is either consumed as it is produced, contributing to your power needs, or stored for later use in a battery storage system.


If you have no grid connection at your location, or if you need power for a vehicle such as a motorhome or boat, then you need to consider an ‘Off Grid’ system.  Click here for our OFF GRID GUIDE



If you have the grid present (mains electricity), then you need to consider an ‘On-Grid’ system.  If you plan on storing the energy produced in batteries, it is also known as a ‘Hybrid system’.  Click here for our ON GRID GUIDE


For a more in depth understanding read:

’Solar Electricity Handbook’ by Michael Boxwell 

Also the Energy Saving Trust has a great website here: