Solar Calculator

Estimate your power usage & what you need.

To help you plan what size solar rig you need to build we have built this handy calculator for you. Simply add each thing that you will be running, how many Watts it is, and how long you expect to run it each day. You can then email what you've spec'd to yourself.

If you need help working out what power your items are using you can get our Plug In Power Meter to help work out your usage

Lights x 5 @ 50W each running for 8 hrs per day
TV x 1 @ 100W running for 2 hrs per day
Sound system x 1 @ 200W running for 6 hrs per day.... etc etc etc

Alternatively you can enter by time of day if you know you usage well... EG:
Morning x1 @ 150W for 6hrs
Afternoon x1 @ 300W for 6hrs
Evening x1 @ 500W for 8hrs
Night x1 @ 50W for 4hrs

Item Quant Watts Hours Watt Hours
Example: Light x 1 20 W 10 Hrs 200 Wh
Total Watt Hours
200 Wh
Item Quantity Watts Per Item Hours Used Per Day  
x W Hrs


Overspec by %
Average Hrs of Full Sun Hrs
Battery Bank


Amp Hrs of Batteries
Solar Panels - Watts
Solar Panels - Kw

Please bare in mind you should always over spec by a lot to cater for english winters. We would advise 50%-100% over if you plan to run entirely from solar over winter months, and ensuring you have a very large battery bank as well.

Now you know how much power you need,

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This is just a simple Calculator to help you estimate the solar you need. This is not a guarantee that the solar you calculate will be perfect for your situation.