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Lithium Leisure Battery

Our Fogstar Drift Lithium Leisure Battery collection is designed by the multi-award winning team at Fogstar UK. 

Manufactured using Grade A EVE LiFePO4 Lithium cells, high discharge JBD BMS, built in Bluetooth and Heating as standard - lithium (LiFePO4) leisure batteries offer everything you’d expect in a premium product, including a 10 year warranty

Your Lithium Leisure Battery can be used across a wide range of applications, from solar energy to campervans, golf carts to electric wheelchairs, to marine and boating.

You’ll find our selection of 12v and 24v Fogstar Drift lithium leisure batteries range from 105Ah through to 560Ah - meaning you have a vast choice of voltage and capacity. 

All batteries come with access to our Fogstar Drift App, enabling you to access real-time data about your Lithium Leisure Battery at all times.

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