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Lithium iron phosphate battery technology is the latest battery technology bringing a safer and lighter battery to the consumer. 

A massive increase in charge cycles and greater capacity over lead acid or Gel batteries.

Built in battery management systems and optional blue tooth communication for checking battery conditions.

LifePO4 batteries can discharge 90% of stored energy without damage known as depth of discharge.

All batteries have a DOD. It’s typical to expect a battery using lead acid and gel compounds to give a 50% DOD. This means if, for example, such a battery is rated at 100Ah, it will only provide usable power of 50Ah. LiFOS has a 90% DOD, providing 100Ah of usable power as the true AH of these units are 110AH, which means that to replicate the available power provided by LiFOS, a +180Ah lead acid or gel battery would be needed.

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