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RECOM is a France based renewable energy company with notable presence in the global solar industry. RECOM produces modules, cells, inverters, hybrid storage systems, batteries and EV chargers. RECOM is a leading and the only Bloomberg Tier 1 PV module manufacturer in Europe with above 2.1GW annual production capacity and with sales of over 3GW solar modules in more than 100 countries.

Along to our own manufacturing facility in France and local R&D team, we invest in, and work with leading global research institutions and manufacturers to innovate, develop, share and commercialize the latest technological advances in solar module manufacturing. Our primary R&D partner in the area of solar panels is a leading French research center, the National Institute for Solar Energy (CEA/INES). We also work with other research centers, universities and manufacturing companies as our portfolio expands. We drive innovation in unique energy production and storage applications. We pioneer in power and energy storage solutions, as it comes to skid mounted panel-inverter solutions for residential applications or to utility scale energy solutions.

All our products are designed and engineered in Europe. We are always ahead of the curve and we bring to consumers the very latest in technology.


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