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Dyness is an enterprise founded in 2017 focusing on battery system integration R&D and manufacturing.
Our factories located in Taizhou and Yangzhou China. We have over than 200 employees and a R&D team of 100+ people with rich experience in the development and research of battery energy storage systems. Dyness owns more than 80+ patents and has installed more than 120,000 residential ESS units worldwide, serving more than 60,000+ households worldwide.

Dyness battery products are produced according to international safety standards and obtained TUV/CE/EN62619/UL1973/ IEC62040 certificates. We specialize in Grid tied and off grid LFP battery solutions for residential application in Europe, Australia, Africa, South America etc. 
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Dyness Batteries DC Cable Pack 25mm - 1 or more sets required see description
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