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Established in 1985, Stephill Generators Ltd are based in a 40,000 square foot HQ and manufacturing facility centrally located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. The company is the UK’s largest volume manufacturer of portable petrol and diesel generating sets from 2 to 117kVA, pre-dominantly supplying generators to the hire and construction sector, but also producing a wide range of products for event, utility, leisure and standby applications. The Stephill name is synonymous with quality and reliability, and the companies strict policy in only using premium brand components in its products has firmly cemented its position as the market leading supplier of portable generators to plant and tool hire companies both large and small. Though always producing competitivly priced products, we always have – and always will - resisted the risk of diluting our strong brand name by incorporating inferior / low cost components in our generator builds. The companies edict of “buy a Stephill and only buy it once” is as relevant as ever, particularly to those who decide to purchase a cheaper / inferior alternative product which lets them down after only a short period of use.