20A PWM Solar Charge Controller with Dual USB ports and LCD display.

20A PWM Solar Charge Controller with Dual USB ports and LCD display.
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20A PWM Solar Charge Controller with Dual USB ports and LCD display.

SM20 20A Solar Charge Controller with light and timer control 
12V24V Auto Work LCD dispaly with max 240W on 12V or 480W on 24V

This items is just for off-grid Solar PV system.and it is in backlights for screens,so you can see the LCD diaplay clearly in the night.          
This is a new intelligent solar controller, which is equipped with industrial-grade STM 8 microprocessor to control the charge and discharge process. And, it has perfect and liable battery charge and discharge period management. The charge circuit is characterized by high efficiency and low consumption by controlling the MOSFET of the ultra-low internal resistance with PWM. This controller has multiple load control modes and is adaptable to different industries. The product can be applied to the following occasion:
1). Outdoor environment monitoring system 
2). Automatic control system for agriculture and garden
3). Solar power system 
4). Communication station, WIFI hotspot
5). Street lighting system


  • 30 x 50mm LCD display screen, can show the status of charging and discharging in time
  • With indicator light of charging and discharge
  • Button: From left to right is the button of Function Setting button, from up to down is direction key
  • This item is a new-generation solar charge and discharge controller for lead-acid battery. The product includes but is not limited to the following functions and properties:
  • LCD displayer 
  • Excellent heat balance design and natural air cooling
  • 4-stage charge period management (EQU, Bulk, ABS. Float)
  • Temperature compensation function, the controller can automatically adjust the charge parameters of battery by environment temperature to prolong the service life of battery
  • Sophisticated electric protection production, including over-current protection, load short-circuit protection and low-voltage protection
  • Comprehensive and reliable load control mode can identify the day and night
  • Well-designed charge loop can effectively improve the efficiency of charge and discharge, and reduce the heat consumption in charge and discharge 
  • Statistics of charge volume of battery 

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