Micro Inverter - Grid Tie - 500W - GTI-500W - DC Input: 10.5V- 28VDC for 12V Panels

Micro Inverter - Grid Tie - 500W - GTI-500W - DC Input: 10.5V- 28VDC for 12V Panels
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This one is to work with 4 x 120W kyocera solar panels

DC Input: 10.5V- 28VDC
500W Version

Grid tie inverter is a device which directly converts direct current into alternating current whose sine wave, 

frequency and phase are the same as power grid and then feed it into utility grid.
It is a key device of power generation systems such as PV power generation system, wind turbine power generation system.
This Grid Tie Inverter specially optimizes design to work with modularization of DC power supplies
Stable, reliable and of high conversion efficiency, it is best choice for PV power generation systems.
The Grid Tie Inverter can be easily placed and attached to the rack underneath of PV module.
 It does not need spaces for independent installation and low voltage DC wire connects from the PV module to Smart Microinverter.

-Very easy to install(plug and play): Directly connected to the solar panels (do not have to connect the battery)
-Pure Sine Wave Output
-High-Frequency High Conversion Rate
-Power Automatically Locked (APL)
-Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT): Creative MPPT technology, efficiency more than 99%, faster and more sensitive reaction, more reliable
-Automatically Adapt To Different Load Power Factor
-Stack Multiple Machines: Multiple small power inverters in parallel can achieve large output power.
-Aluminum alloy housing, not rust, heat-resisting and cold-resistant as well as anti-corrosion.
-Adopting high-frequency isolation transformer type, high efficiency, and high security.
- Perfect electrical protection function.
-Getting electronic circuit design, appearance design and other core technology patents.
-Unique circuit design, choice of import industrial electronic components, higher efficiency, more stable performance.
-Constant Current, Constant Power
-Islanding protection: When the city power system is in failure, the inverter will automatically turn off the output within 0.5 seconds. 
-Current Limit Protection
-Parallel type design for DC input and modularization design for inverter, small volume, 
distributed installation, easy for system configuration, flexible for combination, strong expansibility of system.
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