Long Life Lithium LTO Battery

Mega Long Life Lithium LTO Battery 25,000+ Cycles

  • Latest Battery Technology
  • Low Temperature Performance -50c to +60c
  • Super High rate discharge 10C Fast Charge 4-5C
  • Long Cycle life 25,000 100% DOD cycles (that's over 60 years of daily discharge!)
  • Still 80% of initial capacity after 25,000 cycles!
  • High round trip efficiency (RTE): >95%.
  • Extremely Safe - resistant to mechanical abuse without risk of fire or explosion, low-risk energy storage in any application. See video here
  • Cobalt Free - No cobalt is used in these batteries.

We currently have 48V LTO Power Wall batteries, and are working on a range of 12V & 24V LTO off grid batteries to be released soon!

Although these batteries cost more that other technologies to purchase in the beginning, the lifetime of them makes them the cheapest battery per cycle and its a battery that should last you a lifetime.  With our finance options you can spread the cost for upto 5 years to have a battery for life!

The size and weight is much less than the equivalent Lead Acid batteries and a little larger than LifePO4

Full Range of 12V, 24V and 48V Coming Soon

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