Long Life Lithium Titanium LTO Battery

30,000 Cycles - 10 Year Warranty

  • • Latest Battery Nano-Technology.
  • • Maintenance Free.
  • Low Temperature Performance -50°C to +60°C.
  • • Super High Rate Discharge 10C Fast Charge 4-5C.
  • Long Cycle life 30,000 100% DOD cycles.
  • • Still 80% of initial capacity after 30,000 cycles!
  • High round trip efficiency (RTE): >95%.
  • Extremely Safe - resistant to mechanical abuse without risk of fire or explosion, low risk energy storage in any application. See video here
  • Cobalt Free - No cobalt is used in these batteries.

Although these batteries cost more than other technologies to purchase in the beginning, their lifetime makes them the cheapest battery per cycle; and its a battery that should last you a lifetime.  With our finance options you can spread the cost for up to 5 years and have a battery for life!

12V, 24V and 48V Modular LTO Battery - Pre-Order - Due in July

We have created a battery that is designed to last a lifetime!  Not only have we used the longest lasting battery nano-technology with 30,000 cycles we’ve also kept all the electronics in a separate unit so they can be easily replaced or upgraded in the future.

Separate BMS (Battery Management System)

  • • Choice between 100A and 250A BMS units.
  • • Select 12V, 24V or 48V BMS to suit your application
  • • Includes CAN Bus and Bluetooth communications to link to your inverter or smartphone.
  • • Future Proof – as new communications technologies evolve you can simply replace the BMS to have the latest tech for your battery.
  • • Reduces cost with 1 single BMS rather than a BMS per unit.
  • • If electronics fail the BMS can easily and cheaply be replaced whilst keeping the same battery bank.
  • • Allows for custom BMS for special applications.
  • • BMS has 5 Year Warranty
  • • Battery Management System looks after your battery with low battery disconnect, cell balancing, accurate state of charge and temperature monitoring.

Modular Battery System

  • • Can make 12V, 24V or 48V banks.
  • • You can expand your bank easily in the future by adding more of the same modules.
  • • If you decide to change your system voltage you can simply replace the BMS and reconfigure the batteries.
  • • 30Ah or 60Ah blocks – we’ve designed in 30Ah and 60Ah blocks to allow banks from 30Ah to 300Ah. (do not mix AH, use only 30Ah or 60Ah for your bank)
  • • Battery has 10 Year Warranty
  • • 30,000 100% DOD cycles - that’s over 80 years of daily cycles!  After 30,000 cycles, battery still holds 80% of it's original capacity!
  • • Made with rectangular cells to avoid wasted space inside the battery units.
  • • Can connect upto 5 modules in parallel and 4 in series
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