Gel 6V 300Ah Battery - Great for maintenance free option

Gel 6V 300Ah Battery - Great for maintenance free option
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Gel 300Ah 6V battery

A great sealed Gel battery option for thouse that want a maintance free option or need a battery to use in a living area.  Good for Solar and all renewable energy.

Features & Benefits

  • Sealed battery system with recombination
    • Absolutely maintenance free Clean & environmentally friendly
    • No release of acid vapours - Extremely low gassing Safe application in closed compartments.
    • Recommended maximum discharge is 80% DOD (1.93 VPC)
  • Lead/Calcium alloy on positive & negative plates
    • Constant cold cranking performance over the entire service life.
    • Minimal self discharge - ideal for seasonal applications.
  • Thick plates with mechanically reinforced positive mass
    • Extremely high cycling capability
    • Long service life with frequent charge and discharge.
  • Acid fixed in GEL – 100% leak proof
    • Deep discharge capabilities
    • No stratification - Suitable for solar applications
  • Robust construction
    • High vibration resistance

Charge Retention (shelf life) at 20oC (68oF)
1 month 97%
3 months 91%
6 months 85%